Hacking a jam or jamming a hack? Get your starter resources here!


This github organisation is for storing useful starter projects (and completed games) for Game Jams run by Mind Candy -- but you are free to use them as well!

In a Game Jam you have a limited amount of time (typically 1-3 hours) to make a little game, with the name randomly generated by videogamena.me (which we didn't write, but love!)

We love using Crafty.js because it only needs a Web Browser and a text editor to create a game. In other words, if you are reading this, you're good to go!

Introduction to Crafty.js

Here is the slide deck from the Mozilla Festival 2012 "Mash up with Mind Candy" session.

There are also docs on the Crafy.js website

Starter Projects

The best way to get started is to take an existing 'game' and then hack on top of it! So here are some starter projects:

Previous game jams

Get inspired and check out of the code from previous game jams!

Animated Exter 2013 Game Jam

Mozilla Festival 2012 "Mash Up with Mind Candy"

More info on the Mozilla Festival here